Baby Car Seats You’ll Love

There are two types of baby car seats and before you buy one, make sure that you choose the one you really need for your baby. These two types are the infant cars seats and the convertible car seats. The difference between the two is of course, the other one is convertible. It means that from an infant car seat feature, which is rear-facing, the convertible car seat can be transformed to forward facing seat.

So if I am to choose, of course I would definitely go for the convertible type since you can both use rear-facing and forward-facing features. As a practical mom, we need to consider everything we buy. As much as possible, we have to know the features of all the baby equipment we need especially the car seat. Buying a single car seat that will provide you with multiple functions is better than buying a separate product for a particular function.

Most convertible car seats are expensive than an ordinary infant car seats, but going for the convertible type can still guarantee you with more savings because you won’t be needing to buy another infant car seat when your baby outgrows the rear-facing feature. Also, if you are a good bargain hunter, searching for cheap car seats must be easy for you.

Buying either a normal car seat or a convertible one must still have to be done with utmost consideration, especially with the safety features. Safety features are more important than any other feature. Whatever type of carseat you buy, make sure that it has a five-point safety harness. It must have a strap for each shoulder, strap securing each thigh, and comfortable strap between the legs of your baby. Make sure that these straps are adjustable and the safety buckles must be secure. Baby car seats protect lives of infants and you must always use it on your baby whenever you and your baby are in a car.

Baby Nursery Themes for Baby Boys

Baby nursery themes for boys may not be as fabulous as nursery themes for girls, but if you are creative enough in terms decorating and picking baby boy nursery stuff then you can make your baby boy’s room a super duper fun room. The best tip I could give is by surfing Pinterest by using the keyword “baby boy nursery room” or other related words. You will be overwhelmed with the results that will show up.

Of course, you need to sign up first for a Pinterest account which is a very simple thing to do. I’m sure that internet savvy moms have email address. Pinterest is a kind of social media website where instead of sharing statuses like twitter, pinterest members share photos. There are a lot of pinworthy photos you can find there. Searching for boy nursery rooms could bie a lot of fun and I’m sure you’ll get confused which baby nursery themes for boys you are going to pick.

Who needs to hire an interior designer or a baby nursery room expert when you can do it on your own by just picking the theme you like from the many fabulous result Pinterest will give you? As you pick the right theme for your baby, start searching for the baby furniture, beddings, and decorations. Again, the internet can help you find for those items. It’s either you shop online or go to the actual store where that item is available so that you can see and feel the materials’ quality and durability.

You can easily pick baby nursery themes and all the things you need without leaving home. You can take care of your baby while you shop. If you don’t find the exact items on the theme you chose, you can use alternative items or create your own baby stuff for the nursery room since there are also tutorials you can find on the internet on baby arts and crafts.

Take Care of Your Baby Conveniently with Baby Gliders

Babies fall asleep easily when you swing or glide them. The use of baby gliders makes our life easier because you just need to put the baby on it and gently sway and glide them until they fall asleep. For me, this product is amazing and really useful. There are several night that my baby won’t sleep soundly, she cries in the middle of the night and I can’t get myself back to sleep whenever this happens, this makes me restless during the morning.

My sister who is an experienced mom suggested that I use a baby glider because it can make the baby fall asleep easily. She offered her old glider and I started using it on my baby. It was so amazing that she can really fall sleep fast when I put her down the glider and gently move it. I can also do other things at home while she sleeps. Sometimes I will watch TV and put the glider beside me on the sofa and move it while watching. I can also use my laptop while taking care of her. I just place the glider on the floor and glide it using my foot. It’s really convenient for me.

If you are planning to buy one, make sure that you read reviews online about the best baby gliders and the function it provides. There are different manufacturer such as Baby 1st, Chicco, Fisher Price and other brands. You have to make sure that you purchase the one that can provide comfort and safety for your baby. This product is a must have for every moms because this is your partner in making your baby fall asleep soundly. You can buy brand new or second hand baby gliders so that you can save extra money, also your baby can easily outgrow this product so it’s better to choose second hand products.

The Cost of a Breast Pump

Breast pump is one of the best baby products ever invented. I am so happy that I have a breast pump because it makes my life easier. I am a breastfeeding mom and if I will have my next baby, I will also breastfeed him or her the way I breastfed my first born. There are so many benefits that me and my baby gets from breastfeeding, not just in our health but also in our finances.

Aside from nursing covers, one of the most important baby help products are breast pumps. It could be an electric breast pump or a manual breast pump. If you would ask me between the two, of course, I would recommend to you that you should get the electric breast pump because manual breast pump is slower and can make your hands aches, especially your finger joints. I wasn’t able to pump for 3 days because of the pain. I don’t know if I’m just doing it wrong, but the pain caused me a lot of discomfort.

Electric breast pump is like 10 times the price of the manual breast pump, but as for me, it is worth the money. It is so easy to use, you just put the suction on your two breasts then it will automatically pump and collect the milk for you. It is fast and very convenient. You can bring it anywhere, you can watch TV comfortably while pumping milk, or read magazines. Your hands are free and all you have to do is to wait until your breast becomes lighter or when the bottles are full.

Since electric breast pump is expensive especially when brand new, then why not buy a used one. I’m sure ebay can provide you with the database of sellers offering second hand baby items. You can also make breast pump rental. I’m not sure how it works but I think hospitals, clinics, or breast pump of other moms can be rented.

When Can Babies Eat Baby Food Safely?

Before, when can babies eat baby food is at 4 months, but according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, moms should wait until 6 months to safely introduce solid foods to their baby. This is because their digestives system is not yet fully mature and offering solid foods to them may cause intestinal allergies, constipation, and other negative effects. So to make sure you are giving the best for your baby, following what the American Academy of Pediatrics standards would be the safest thing you can do.

Don’t rush your baby even if he is already showing signs of readiness to chew and eat solid foods. It would be just a couple of months away when they can eat safely so better be patient for the meantime. As they reach the 6th month, it would be the start of a new milestone. That would be the time when to start baby food like mashed veggies and fruits. Start with vegetables that are easy to prepare as well as easy to digest such as carrots, squash, and potato. For fruits, try apple and banana.

Don’t feed your baby with eggs just yet. When can babies eat eggs would depend. Eggs could be highly allergenic so feeding them would require safety precaution. You might want to start by giving the egg yolk first, because the eggs whites are the ones that contain allergens. You may want to give them egg as they reach 12 months just to make sure that they have a more immune and strong digestive system.

When can babies eat baby food has to be properly followed so that no problems will be encountered along the way. A happier baby is a healthier baby and moms should always take care of their little ones by giving them the proper food according to their age and their capacity.

The Best Way to Increase Milk Supply

As our baby grows and gets bigger every day they require more amount of milk to satisfy their growing tummy. For breastfeeding mothers, it could be a problem because we have to find ways how to increase milk supply coming out from our breast. There are proven ways that experts would advise you to do, but there are also ways that an experienced breastfeeding mom will tell you that really works. These ways make it easy for you in increasing milk supply for your baby.

Experts and doctors will prescribe you to take Natalac to increase breast milk. Natalac is a breastfeeding supplement that comes in a capsule form. This product is made from moringa leaves or “malunggay” which is a well-known herbal medicine that originated from Southeast Asian countries. This herb is known to boost milk production. In Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, moms have very easy access to moringa leaves. They use this as ingredients to their meals with soup like chicken broth.

Another way to increase breast milk is to drink a lot of water. A person should drink 8 liters of water a day on an average to make sure that the body is well hydrated. Breastfeeding moms should drink more than the average to replenish the liquid lost from breast feeding and other activities we do every day. Aside from drinking water, you can also try drinking fruit juice, and electrolytes. Eating soupy meals is also a good idea to increase milk supply.

We have to make sure that everything we eat are healthy and full of nutrients because our body needs to be strong to take care of our baby every day. Also, all the food we eat would very much likely to pass on to the breast milk that we feed to our little ones. Making sure that we offer good quality milk is essential for out baby’s growth and development.

Things You Need to Consider When Buying Travel System Stroller

Are you looking for good quality strollers? First, make a list of the things you prefer. There are lots of strollers that are available in the market. Choosing baby strollers is not an easy job. You have to make sure that it is durable; can fit to your car, comfortable and not so expensive. In these days, when everything cost high, budget is very important. Price really matter. But if you love to spend more time in out of town for vacations with your family, select the stroller travel system that will make your baby comfortable and relaxed while at the same time will provide safety to your baby.

In choosing stroller travel system, look first for safe strollers. If it has good quality, strong, and also non-toxic for your baby then that would be a better choice. If you’re looking for a stroller at the market or in the mall, make sure is not big enough to occupy a lot of space when you put it inside your car. Also consider strollers that are easy to pull when you travel with your baby and has hand break in case of any emergency. If you think that you really need a stroller for your baby, make sure you choose the best.

You can also consider how your baby would feel when staying at the stroller for the whole day. When purchasing travel system strollers, the quality and the durability of the product are important. Make sure the product could last longer. Use also strollers that are easy to grip especially the handle, because we always want our child safe especially when strolling around different places.

Do you already have stroller travel system? What brand did you purchase and why? What do you like about it the most? Thanks in advance for sharing.

New Mom: Project Nursery and Décor

Are you looking for designs that can inspire you to decorate your baby’s room? Sometimes, you are running out of ideas and a little confused of what designs can make your little prince and princess’ room more beautiful. Some of us want unique, colorful and cool designs for a nursery room.

You can find inspirational resources for baby’s room by searching for the keyword: project nursery. You will find photos, videos, blogs and any useful ideas to create a beautiful nursery room. I visited this Pinterest and found a lot of classy and gorgeous nursery room ideas. Try to check it and hopefully, you’ll find the perfect design for your project nursery that will inspire you in creating a beautiful nursery.

What will be your nursery decor for your baby’s room? First, it depends on the baby’s gender. If you have a baby boy, you’ll need boy nursery decor like a blue pillow that goes together with blue small chair in a nursery room. For a baby girl nursery decor, you can try a pink and white painting. There are so many nursery decor that you can use to decorate your baby’s nursery room. I found as a very helpful site if you want to shop online. They have discounted items and you can find different nursery decors. They offer different nursery decor for baby boy and baby girl.

Can you imagine adding a nursery rocking chair in your nursery room? Why not? Adding a nursery rocking chair will be great and convenient for both parent and baby. This is where you sit with your baby and spend precious times. Most baby love to rock in that kind of chair. It will be easy for babies to fall asleep while rocking and singing rock-a-bye baby in a nursery rocking chair.

Easy Tips on How to Make Your Own Baby Foods

Baby foods are soft, especially those processed foods for babies aged between 4 months and 2 years. Baby foods can be mashed, blended and grinded so it will be easy to consume by babies. Making your own baby foods is very easy and economical. Homemade baby foods are fresh, healthy and free of any additives and preservatives.

Do you know how to make baby food? Baby foods can be made of cereals, fruits, vegetables, chicken and beef meat. Actually, preparing baby foods depend on the foods you’re going to use. All in one baby food maker is a great help when making baby foods. It will make your life easier. It can puree, steam, blend and grind foods for your baby. Some model can defrost or warm baby foods for you. Make sure to choose fresh foods to prepare for your baby. It is very important to wash your both hands before preparing baby foods. Make sure to wash the foods thoroughly to remove dirt and possible pesticides.

Preparing food baby will love is easy and efficient. Some fruits are very soft that you can prepare without steaming or cooking. Avocado, mango and banana are some examples. Just peel them, take out seeds and inedible parts before mashing. Vegetables like carrots, potato, sweet potato and beans need to steam after peeling them. Chicken and beef meat need to be soft in cooking before grinding to make it easy to swallow by your baby. Make sure to remove meat fats and skin before cooking.

Homemade baby foods can save you a lot of money. If fresh foods are not available, frozen foods are good to use. Introduce one food at a time for babies who are newly introduced to solid foods. Use very little salt, sugar or any additives, or none at all if you can. Your baby doesn’t need them. Make sure to introduce healthy, nutritious and fresh foods in your baby food diet.

What You Need to Know About Probiotics for Infants

Our body consists of bad and good bacteria and they should be balanced to maintain a healthy body. Some medication like antibiotics can disrupt this balance. It can destroy the good bacteria and develop thrush and E. coli infections. Don’t worry; probiotics will introduce live bacterial cultures in your body. Probiotics will restore the balance of bad and good bacteria in our body.

What if this happens to your baby? We all know that infant’s digestive system is not yet fully developed that’s why it is very weak. If gut microbes is disrupted, a baby may suffer from thrush and baby colic. What an inconvenience and uncomfortable! Poor baby! Foods with probiotics like cottage cheese, pickles, yoghurt can help supply friendly and good bacteria. Probiotics supplements may also help babies but it is better to consult your doctor first.

Breastfeeding babies are safer than formula feeding. Breastfed babies are healthier compared to formula fed babies. Breast milk contains the first probiotics for infant and young babies. Babies who are formula feed are mostly likely to encounter medical issues. They are the ones who need boost on their gut microbes. Probiotics capsules or powder may help but powdered probiotics is the best for children.

Why you should give your baby probiotics? Your baby may have friendly and good bacteria but like adults they can have imbalance digestive system too. Are you wondering if probiotics for infants is safe? Infants and babies can take probiotics.

There are some ways to give infant probiotics. It is through probiotic supplements or probiotics foods. If a baby is healthy and eating solid foods, you can give probiotics foods like probiotics yoghurt, fermented dairy drinks and others. You can give probiotics supplements if baby is unhealthy and in need of probiotics. Studies show that giving a baby with probiotics provides a lot of health benefits.